I was born in Akron, Ohio and grew up in Bronxville, New York in the 1970s.  Circa bellbottoms and huckapoo shirts.

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After college, I worked in management consulting at Bain & Company, then switched my career track into marketing.  A highlight:  launching the White Diamonds fragrance line and hanging out with Elizabeth Taylor and her 8th husband Larry Fortensky at the launch parties.  Many brands followed White Diamonds and consumer product marketing became my career.

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Moving many times (Boston, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Charlotte, NC, Rye, NY) and landing back in Boston gave me some key survival skills and a BIG taste for travel.  I figured out how to decorate a house in record time so my family wouldn’t feel the upheaval of moving.  I also acquired a lot of DIY skills and decorating shortcuts to get what I wanted at a reasonable price.

We have two fabulous daughters – one working in the “biz” in LA and one in marketing in NYC.

We have a fifteen year-old dachshund named Rhino who loves to pose in my blog photos.

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My husband is my best editor, critic and fan.

The Wry Home is about all of the inspirations that create your individual style.

I hope you enjoy reading about all of it in The Wry Home!


“Liz is the enigmatic woman behind “The Wry Home,” a creative website devoted to helping people find their own unique sense of style. Liz was born in Ohio, and spent her childhood in Westchester New York, throughout the 1970s. After she expanded her horizons in college, Liz began her journey into a marketing career.

Over the years, Liz has learned a lot about how to maintain a stunning and unique home environment despite the constant upheaval of moving and redecoration. Today, she writes her blog in an effort to share some of tips and tricks she’s discovered for making a house into a home as quickly as possible.”

*Smart Style Bathrooms, Top 100 Interior Design Bloggers

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