Nevis for New Year’s

P1080319It felt a little strange heading south this year in unseasonably warm winter weather.

But, we have one week where our kids’ college schedules overlap between Christmas and New Year’s.  So…

My husband and I planned a surprise getaway as a combo christmas gift/family time week of “togetherness.”  Opened on a 70 degree christmas day.  Not quite the impact we wanted!

We have been to Nevis before, to our beloved Nisbet Plantation.  This made the trip really easy.  We knew the drill.  Unpacked with a rum punch in hand in no time.

I made everyone choose one activity to do during the week.  Mainly to get off campus because it is easy to get lazy and become one with your lounge chair.

Here is what we chose:  Bike around the island (19.5 miles), climb Nevis Peak (3,232 feet), dip in the 108 degree volcanic mineral baths and visit the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton.  Guess which one I chose?

There was also snorkeling, croquet on the Great House lawn, multiple card games of hearts, a little spa action and requisite rum punch tastings at our favorite places on the island.

P1080345  P1080355
The house where Alexander Hamilton was born is charming.

Birthplace of Alexander Hamilton

Birthplace of Alexander Hamilton

I got out of the Nevis Peak climb (bad knee, in need of a massage), but everyone else went.

This is ideally how the weather should be for the hike.  No clouds, the top of Nevis Peak exposed.

This is how it actually looked…


 The end result pictures are a bit

cloudy at the top!

P1080371  P1080375
Off to the restorative mineral baths for this crew.  The water is HOT.

The Bath Hotel, built in 1787.

The Bath Hotel, built in 1787.

The Bath Hotel is the first official tourist hotel in the Caribbean, built to take advantage of the unique volcanic mineral baths and close proximity to downtown Charlestown.

P1080367 P1080309 P1080365

P1080432 IMG_5288 P1080424
Rum punch tastings…

IMG_5267 image8
…and New Year’s Eve

IMG_5309  IMG_5324
Patterson is quite dapper in his tux.

Cheers to 2016!

P1080298 image3
The week flew, as you can imagine.

The Nisbet crew anticipated our every need (Patterson, Angela, Roslyn, Violet, Dan, Caddy, Leonora, Derrick, Glendina).  This wonderful group keeps us coming back!

I love having the whole family together before everyone scatters.

2016 is going to be an AMAZING year.

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Freshman college drop off for our youngest this week resulted in teary and weary parents.  In anticipation of this emotional state, we somehow planned a three day side trip to recalibrate and embrace our new lives.

IMG_4865 P1070661
We were a tired duo when we arrived at the Enchantment Resort in Sedona, AZ.


Some red rock vortex energy, a dip in the pool and a prickly pear margarita cured that pretty quickly!

 IMG_0136 IMG_0140
The next day, we jumped on a Pink Jeep Tour for a three hour jaunt through the ancient ruins.  Shout out to our amazing guide Mike Koopsen!  He took us through the gorgeous red rock canyons and walked us through the amazing 700 year-old Sinaguan Indian history.

IMG_0177 IMG_2625 IMG_2620 IMG_2626
That afternoon we lounged by the spa pool and did NOTHING.


The scenery was breathtaking.  I could feel the history in the landscape and driving around, I could visualize all of the old western movies filmed here.  So gorgeous.

P1070651 P1070625
We hiked in beautiful Boynton Canyon, did a day trip to the Grand Canyon and had a fabulous choice of places to eat in the Sedona area.  Elote, Barking Frog Grille, L’Auberge and Dahl & Di Luca (a funny, old fashioned Italian place) were close by and delicious.  If you wanted to stay put, the food at the resort is wonderful too.

The beauty and energy from Sedona should carry us through for at least a few days.  But, I am writing this from the plane, so I have yet to walk through our newly empty house…  Our dachshund better be ready for some serious attention!

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Memorial Day Giveaway

Time for a summer GIVEAWAY.  This little 16″ x 16″ painting could be yours!

I have used these colorful landscapes in a lot of rooms.



Living rooms and an office.




In this office, the painting determined all of the fabric and furniture colors: orange and blue.

These colorful landscapes get me in the mood for summer!

Image 21 IMG_0629
So, if you would like a chance to hang one of these paintings in your home, enter my Memorial Day GIVEAWAY.

16" x 16" Giveaway Painting

16″ x 16″ acrylic on canvas Giveaway Painting

P1070097 P1070096
Email me at: to enter.  Please put The Wry Home Giveaway in the subject line and let me know if there is anything that has inspired you from reading the blog or newsletter.  Please sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already!

I will announce the winner the week of May 25th in the next The Wry Home blog post.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Even though this winter started off mild, it ended with a vengeance.

We forgot to hire the guy to shovel the driveway.  My new, long down coat was now at the top of my hit list.

Even our dachshund, who adores winter, turned up her nose when we let her out into snow that was well over her head.  Time to GET AWAY.

P1060607  P1060606
Pooling airline miles and American Express points, I cobbled together a four night / four day trip to Nevis.  I know I could have searched the Internet for a “deal” to go somewhere warm.  But this is where we wanted to go.

School and work obligations kept two of the four of us at home, so I took off with my older daughter to do nothing but sit in the sun.

We have been to Nevis before.  My husband and I first went there in 1998 and stayed at a lovely place called Nisbet Plantation.  Nisbet was our destination on this trip (and many before…) too.

IMG_1177  P1060608
Nisbet Plantation is what I would describe as classic Old Caribbean.  A historic stone plantation sitting on a hill with a stunning view of palm trees all the way down to the water.

Yellow cottages dot the property.  There is only one TV in the main house, a book exchange and lots of board games.  Our kind of place!

IMG_1151  IMG_1163
A tropical cocktail over on the boat, stunning turquoise views and our favorite Nisbet staff greeting us ~ it took about 3 minutes to relax when we arrived.

There are a lot of things to do on Nevis.  The Botanical Gardens are beautiful.  You can hike Nevis Peak (an inactive volcano) with a guide or dip into the restorative mineral baths in downtown Charlestown.

We like to rent a car and drive around the windswept side of the island where you can see Saba and St. Eustatius off in the distance.

P1060600  P1060619
Stop and visit the other historic plantations: Gorgeous Montpelier, Golden Rock or The Hermitage for lunch or a cocktail on your tour.

Lime and Sunshine’s are perfect for a grilled Caribbean lobster on the beach.  Dinner at Miss June’s (call to see if it is open), the Gallipot or Bananas is a treat.

End your day with sunset views of St. Kitts and a traditional Nevisian rum punch at the Mount Nevis Hotel.

P1060561  P1060575    P1060598

This time, Emily and I did not leave the Nisbet “campus” once.  The path from our room to the beach was about the only one we could manage.  The staff (Angela, Violet, Roslyn, Patterson, Lendora, Glendina, Derrick and Dan) took EXCELLENT care of us, as always.

P1060589  IMG_1159
The food was too delicious.  The hammock on the beach too inviting.


    IMG_1176 P1060553 P1060573

We will be more adventurous next time.  Maybe.

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