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Dreaming of Green

Winter must really have its hooks in me.  Every fabric I pick up lately is the color of water, grass or dirt.

The monochromatic “snow” landscape is taking its toll.  I am craving earth tones.

Here are two beautiful Duralee fabrics, the one on the left designed by Eileen Kathryn Boyd called “Seaglass.”

A client of mine is using both of these in her living room.   Tilton Fenwick on the left and Candice Olson on the right.  Love her choices.

Basic, but I love the texture in these two fabrics.  “Sea Salt” by B. Berger and a soft corduroy by Kravet.

Two fabrics that remind me of the Caribbean.  Take me away!

Jonathan Adler paired with a plum ultrasuede, yum.

We (finally) did have a sunny day to balance out the cold and snow.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd zebra in “Pool” with a Thibault herringbone.  Sea and sand.

More green and brown!  I normally gravitate to bold color.  I think I need a vacation.  A tan cotton rattan on the left and a China Seas fretwork on the right.

Love these colors AND I am not seeing them out my window!

P1060391 P1060386

A soft B. Berger fabric on the left with an aqua indoor/outdoor floral.

Earth tones in an Ikat pattern by Quadrille, paired with a ultrasuede called “Fog.”  I like using ultrasuede because it is soft, easy to clean and comes in fabulous colors.

Brown is looking pretty darn good these days!

Tan with blue.

A little orange snuck into the mix in a gorgeous Thibaut fabric.

I am having a hard time moving away from this color scheme.

And again.

P1060359 P1060378 P1060391
I am headed to Atlanta this week and the weather looks like a balmy 40 degrees with rain.  I’ll take it!

the wry home

NYC Gift Show

The Gift Show was this week in New York.  Snow decided to mess things up for everyone Monday, but I was there with bells on Tuesday morning.

I wore my cute black boots so I would look “good” at the gift show.  I clearly had amnesia about the amount of WALKING I did there last year, up and down the aisles.  Plus, the ankle deep puddles I was jumping over were clearly more suited for my Sorel Boots…

I met my college roommate in the Javits lobby.  There should be a reality show about how long somebody can last at the gift show, because if there was, Ivy would win!  She gets there early and leaves at 6pm every day.  Impressive.

I cannot believe she can browse for that long.  Usually after thirty minutes, I am making friends with people in different booths so I can sit in one of their chairs and take a break.

P1060276  P1060271  P1060275
Lots of color this year.  In fabrics, rugs, bedding and accessories.

Roberta Roller Rabbit

Roberta Roller Rabbit

I saw Blake Lively as I was limping through the home section.  I heard a recognizable voice and turned to see her ~ stunning in black leggings, chic sneakers (she was smart!) and a killer dark green Chanel tote.

So much to see!  I took notes like crazy.

P1060285  P1060289
Jonathan Adler.

More color.

P1060258  P1060270
There was a fabulous vintage poster booth that I didn’t see last year.

P1060265  P1060263

P1060286  P1060261
Clean, modern lines.

Basically, I wanted to go home and redecorate all of my rooms.  Tim?

P1060300  P1060291
P1060256  P1060255
I was nearing my gift show expiration date.  I ran into a few other college friends (see, glad I wore the nice black boots) and a few work colleagues.  I was eyeballing the taxi situation out of the corner of my eye, so it was time to go.


These bowl are made out of sea salt.  An Ivy discovery.

These bowl are made out of sea salt. An Ivy discovery.

I am starting basic training for next year.  The goal is to last one whole day, from the time Ivy arrives until the time she leaves.

P1060290  P1060283
My definition of a “whole day” is having frequent coffee breaks, lunch and testing out (sitting on) a lot of furniture at the same time.

And then relax and maybe leave a little early…..

the wry home