Small Details

Well, I ALMOST made it through the winter without getting sick.  Dragging for a few days, I wandered into the walk-in clinic to see if anything was up.  A sinus infection and double ear infection later, I have been lying around my house most of the week staring at everything.  That is not good because my brain starts wandering and then redecorating the house!

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Light Me Up!

Globo Di Luce by Fonata Arte

Fontana Arte “Globo Di Luce”

Lighting can make or break a room.  I alway struggle to pick the right fixtures, knowing how important it is.  I have a file on my computer full of images I keep as backup.  I was on the hunt for fun pendant lights recently and thought I would share some of my finds.  I love these silver globe pendants in three different shapes.  Would be so cute over a kitchen island.

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