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Well, I ALMOST made it through the winter without getting sick.  Dragging for a few days, I wandered into the walk-in clinic to see if anything was up.  A sinus infection and double ear infection later, I have been lying around my house most of the week staring at everything.  That is not good because my brain starts wandering and then redecorating the house!

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India Hicks Style

I had the pleasure of hosting a coffee for the new India Hicks lifestyle brand last month.

India Hicks

India Hicks

It was a lovely day spent with lots of friends and catching up!

My friend Lizanne is one of the first style ambassadors for India’s new line.  She flew to NY from Charlotte to stay with me (yeah!) and was a wealth of information for all the guests.

Since I have a work background in fragrance and skincare, the whole day was right up my alley.  I loved spraying, testing and slathering my skin with all of these delicious products.

The influence of Harbour Island, where India lives and raises her five children, is felt throughout the line.

Her lucky beetle is featured on many products and the fragrances in her line smell like the islands.  Heaven!

The Wild Spiderlily and English Rose fragrances reflect India’s time spent in Harbour Island and London.

Hand Wash & Hand Lotion

The hand wash and hand lotion smell like orange blossoms and gardenia petals.

The Mayfair Bag

The Mayfair Bag

The Mayfair Bag is a great bag for summer!

The adorable Agra Tassel that hangs from all of her bags.

Siren Scarf

Siren Scarf

The Siren Scarf can be worn as a scarf, a shawl or a sarong at the beach.

Beetle Bag

Beetle Bag

I LOVE the beetle bag!  It comes in a variety of colors (below) and is irresistible.


Carmen Clutch

Carmen Clutch

The Eleuthera Tote is hiding behind the body wash and hand cream.

Roller Ball versions of her two fragrances to throw in your bag.

IMG_4445  IMG_4450
It was a wonderful day with friends and Lizanne, chatting with everyone about the India Hicks line.

IMG_4484  FullSizeRender
After using all of the lotions, hand creams and fragrances ~ I smelled FABULOUS!

For more information on the India Hicks line, click here:

India Hicks Island Style

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